YongMei Liu

Born in China, YongMei Liu has always known that textiles were her source of inspiration and her creative material of choice. After studying fine arts in Beijing, she became the photographic director for the Chinese Psychology magazine.

Since moving to France in 2008, her artistic progression has been impressive. She has gone from being an art trader to developing an artistic practice which has revealed her true calling through the use of indigo. She has continued to deepen her knowledge of this astounding blue by visiting Asian tribes in southern China.

She is currently heading in a new direction by working with the effects of rust on fabric while creating textile sculptures inspired by the Japanese shibori. She folds, sews, knots and dyes silk and cotton which is never to be unfolded. Thus, her sculptures hold a certain element of mystery. Only the material withholds the secret of its dye.

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A Trace of Life

Commented tour every day at 3 P.M. in French

Each work of art in this movement questions our future, our origins and our possible reincarnation. But we have no answer, the artist doesn’t either. The answer lies deep within the folded fabric because the important part remains the question, the interrogation. It’s not the answer. This brings us to the Heart Sutra which tells us that it’s not worth seeing if the grass is greener on the other side because we’re already there. Everything is here, around us, within us, it’s up to us to believe it. We are invited to a sort of spiritual quest, but we don’t have to see all of this in her work. We can see something completely different. There is another invention in her creations.

We are faced with plants, lichens, moss, new species of plants straight from the nature-loving artist’s imagination. There are also jellyfish, new insects which are just some of the many possible reincarnations.

YongMei Liu invites you to take a closer look at each of her pieces, each thread, each knot, each piece of fabric. You will realise that with each fold that ends, comes a new thread and a new beginning. You can travel through each of her pieces in a way that wouldn’t have been possible if Mei hadn’t one day decided to stop where she did. That movement is what we create. The end of something is only ever the start of something new.
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