Pascale Goldenberg

Pascale Goldenberg shares her life as an independent artist by managing the transcultural hand embroidery programme, Guldusi, which she launched in Afghanistan in 2004. On the one hand, she believed that being responsible for 200 embroiderers was a priority, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to give up her work as an artist. As the years passed, she needed to find a way to juggle both activities healthily and make it almost satisfactory for all parties involved. She almost found the solution to the large chasm by focusing her own artistic activity on Afghanistan’s problems; the truth is that the subject has captivated her materially, temporally and emotionally for almost 20 years.

Afghanistan with LOVE

This retrospect presents large panels to small objects made by machine or experimentally embroidered by hand.

They are split into different series “Repairing after War”, “The Afghan”, “Tshadris (full veil)”, “Scars”, “Searching for Traces”, and “Stones of Patience”.

These pieces are made using scraps from white sheets before or after the embroiderers work on them in Afghanistan.

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