Les filles du mardi

Les Filles du Mardi (aka The Tuesday Girls) is a group of like-minded women who meet two or three times a month, on Tuesdays of course, for the joy of friendly sewing and to eat cake.

Their collective quilting experience totals more than 480 years but they have decided not to divulge their collective age! They drool over antique quilts, fabrics and sewing accoutrements.

As you will see from their exhibited works, they strive to make pieces that reflect traditional styles, utilise traditional techniques but reflect their individual tastes.

For the Joy of Friendly Sewing

For the Joy of Friendly Sewing brings together a broad collection of works from nine different makers. Les Filles du Mardi utilise traditional patterns, develop their own patterns inspired by antique and vintage quilts or start from scratch designing their own pieces that have their roots in the old traditions. Most members of the Tuesday Girls have selected one, two or several of their favourite works for display. All members of the group have collaborated to evolve and make the Tuesday’s Child quilt especially for this exhibition.

Makers: Bev Bannard, Jenny Bear, Anne Burrows, Deborah Burville, Ros Devine, Lisa Kerr, Fiona Lindsay, Lou Lott, Ingrid Moyle, Dianne O’Brien, Janet O’Dell, Dorothy Ramage and Michelle Yeo.
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