Quilts en rêve

Quilt en rêve is an association full of English, Dutch and American antique quilt enthusiasts. Some of them have been quilting for over 30 years, always conscious of working in a traditional way, paying attention to detail, the choice of fabric and hand sewing.

Its members (women and a man) have found their style in making both stunning and detailed pieces. This new collection “The Height of our Passion”, was created by a talented team who is more than happy to share its unique pieces.

The Height of our Passion

Designed and inspired by antique appliqué or assembled quilts, complex designs and splashes of colour, or simply just one colour.

Aesthetic or decorative quilts referencing political or societal history. Completely handmade, the technique needed shows the exceptional expertise, the surpassing of oneself.

Fabrics replicating older ones or inspired by older ones. Daring mixes and perfectly balanced colours. Respecting authenticity.

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