Françoise Lucas Broggini

Françoise Lucas Broggini is a self-taught French textile artist who is passionate about quilts. She has lived in Italy for many years with her husband and children.

During the 2000s, she discovered patchworking thanks to a French friend who lived in Turin and invited her to visit the patchwork club that she was part of. It was an awakening for her. Ever since, she has been a regular member of the club and takes part in numerous lessons and trips that they organise.

She also visits many exhibitions in Italy, Europe and the USA. Purchasing the quilt-making software EQ8 opened many a door for her and it’s thanks to this that she began creating her own designs. Her quilts are always very colourful! She happily mixes all kinds of fabrics, colours and has a soft spot for simple, patterned modern scrappy quilts. Françoise also likes making cushions, miniature quilts and small bags.

My Life in Colour

Françoise Lucas Broggini’s quilts are always made in bright contrasting colours. The fabrics are always chosen with care.

She also likes using leftover fabric which is like gold dust to her! For example, the wheel alone from the “Wheel of Fortune” quilt is made from 128 different fabrics, both new and reused!

Her quilts never surpass a certain length so that she can easily quilt them with her own sewing machine.

This exhibition will also show her penchant for log cabin patchwork (3 quilts are presented); curves are no secret to her and she makes the most of them!

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