Fifteen by Fifteen

Fifteen by Fifteen is an international group made up of 15 artists with a shared passion for textile art. They come from all over the world so their meetings are often virtual.

Each year, one or more themes are chosen and the artists then create six quilts.

The photos and explanations of each quilter’s approach are posted on the group’s website every eight weeks.

The size of the quilts corresponds to the group’s name: 15×15 inches.

Each artist’s personality, the vast choice of materials and tools they use to create their pieces, from paint to textile collages and even hand or machine embroidery, allow them to create original artwork. Not only do they have a shared passion for textile art, but they also want to learn, experiment and have the urge to share their passion with a large audience. Their work has already been exhibited in France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia and Taiwan.

15x15: In the Style of…

The group Fifteen by Fifteen is presenting a collection of 90 quilts created in 2022.

During the year, each quilter made six quilts. Their task was to choose a painter and to work using the same style. Within the theme, each quilter was able to pick a sub-theme for each of their quilts.

Stepping out of their comfort zone by adopting another artist’s style without copying them, and complying to the theme while maintaining their own style was a true challenge for all of them. This exhibition also marks the group’s tenth year.

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