Korea Contemporary Quilt Group

The Korea Contemporary Quilt Group is an organization of artists who work on practical quilts and art quilts based on machine quilts. They systematically studied textile art, traditional quilting, and art quilting at the educational institution to which the group belongs and are gradually building their careers and growing as artists. Currently, it is a representative quilting artist group in Korea that is actively engaged in exhibitions, creations, and educational activities in various fields of art quilting and textile art.

Their work is elaborate and technical, mainly using sewing machines and long-arm quilting machines, and they like to do modern art quilts, and machine embroidery also plays a large role in expanding the scope of their work. Through continuous research activities and exhibitions, they support the artistic and professional growth of their members, develop their careers as artists and raise public awareness of art quilting, and make great contributions and efforts to the development of quilting in Korea.

Commented exhibition tour: everyday at 4 PM (FR)

Freemotion by free emotion

The group prepared an exhibition with two main themes.

The first theme is “The Flow of Lines”. Quilting work is already great with just the texture and colour of the fabric, and the various techniques and configurations used in patchwork or quilting. But these days, with the development of various tools and machines for quilting, the technique of “quilting” has developed.

Therefore, there are many techniques that enhance the completeness of the work by adding quilting lines, textured couching lines, and embroidery to fit the shape, composition, and theme of the work. Based on this, we will maximise and show how “lines” beautifully complete the composition of the work.

The second theme is “Essay on Transparency”. Organza fabric is patchworked with two to four layers of organza using a new burning technique rather than the traditional sawing technique to create a texture. In this way, due to the nature of organza, the other side will be see-through.

In addition, both the front and back sides are finished and reversible. But most of all, many people will exclaim in wonder due to the minimum seam allowance of less than 1 mm.

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