20 Perspectives

20 Perspectives was founded in early 2022 by a group of 20 international artists covering 4 continents and 9 countries: France, Hungary, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada and Australia.

They create 3-4 collections for exhibitions per year, each based on a theme chosen by the members. The members contribute one or more textile artwork to each collection generating 20 perspectives on the theme. The goal of the group is goal is to:

  • grow community through making art collaboratively,
  • advance their own artistic practice,
  • exhibit work in their communities and in international exhibitions.

To meet these goals, they meet (virtually) approximately once per month to discuss future projects and exhibits and a second time each month for a social hour.

In 2022, the first year of the group’s existence, they have already exhibited at Patchworktage Meiningen, (Germany), International Biennial Quilt & Textile Art (France) and Pacific International Quilt Festival (USA).

Perspectives on the Natural World

This exhibit draws on the artists’ experiences with and their connections to the natural world. The COVID pandemic profoundly changed their outlook and their lives, regardless of where they lived. For months, most of us were locked down in our homes and everything around us was either closed or out of reach: stores, museums, cinemas, restaurants and even their families and friends. Most of us were limited to outdoor activities and as a result, many people developed a new appreciation for the natural world. Each piece in this exhibit represents the artists’ unique perspective on the natural world as translated by their style of working. Some of the work is pieced, some appliqued and some is digitally designed, printed on fabric and then quilted.

Other exhibitions