The 2023 International Contest

Every year, the European Patchwork Meeting organizes its own International Contest, open to quilters from all over the world.

The 2023 International Contest of the European Patchwork Meeting features Tribes. A subject as vast as the plains of the American West, which leaves the way open to a multitude of interpretations. The term “tribe” is used to describe social formations based on common elements such as culture, values, goals, and even genetic or family characteristics.

It is this sense of belonging to a community, a family, a tribe that we feel is important to highlight in the works that will be presented. Our talented participants, whether they are loyal to the contest or participating for the first time, will have to take up the challenge of translating this feeling of community that animates the members of a tribe. With needle and thread, it’s up to you to show the judges of this edition of the European Patchwork Meeting International Contest who your tribe is.

Some of these historical communities have forged our modern civilizations and have offered incredible cultural diversity to their descendants. Their myths and traditions, as fascinating as they are unusual, have crossed the ages and attract the curiosity of sociologists, historians and anthropologists from all over the world: it is this heritage that interests us through this theme.

The Indians of the Great Plains of the American West, the Quechuas of the Southern Hemisphere, the Inuits of Alaska and other indigenous communities have built the notions of clan and tribe that we find today under the terms of COMMUNITY and FAMILY. These strong and authentic cultures have marked their territories, shaped local crafts and marked the popular imagination with their traditional motifs and legends.

It’s up to you to weave the links that unite the individuals who make up your tribe, imagine a new tribe or propose your own interpretation around the history of these communities! One thing is certain: the 30 works selected by the jury will be on display in September for the premiere of the Tribes exhibition, at the 28th European Patchwork Meeting in France.

– Participation in the Contest is only possible once the work has been completed.
– Registration fee per file: €25
– Quilt size: 80*120 cm (width x height)

At the end of the application deadline, the jury selects thirty quilts from the entries.

The 30 finalists

Adelheid RISI (CH)
Aeran KIM (KR)
Claudia GARIN (LU)
Coralie QUIRIET (FR)
Estela MOTA (BR)
Gabrielle PAQUIN (FR)
Hyunjung SONG (KR)
Isabel MUÑOZ (ES)
Jayeun SHIN (KR)
Kyung Ah CHO (KR)
Magdalena GĄSOWSKA (PL)
Maria Eugenia CORBELLA (ES)
Marzenna LEW (PL)
Miyoung PARK (KR)
Silvia ROHDEN (BR)
Sungyoen PARK (KR)
Sylvie RUAMPS (FR)
Virginie PEYRE (FR)
Yujin LEE (KR)

The 9 ribbon winners

Awards ceremony on Friday 15th September at 2:30 PM at the Pavillon Osmont

Each year, 3 prizes are awarded by the European Patchwork Meeting:

  • 1st prize: 2000 €, designated by the jury
  • 2nd prize: 700 €, designated as People’s Choice Award*
  • Come vote for your favourite work in the urn located in the Pavillon Osmont!
  • 3rd prize: 300 €, designated by vote of the organizing team

Numerous other prizes are awarded by the contest sponsors, with a total value over 7.000 €.

The 30 selected participants will be invited to attend the awards ceremony with an invitation to the event valid for that day.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced only after the final vote count, the week following the event.