Ramona Conconi & Michèle Samter

Ramona Conconi is an artist of Swiss and Italian origin. She creates contemporary quilts with a graphic design. Following the series “SIGNES”, Ramona currently likes playing with shapes that she reproduces using colour to transpose them into her “RÉPÉTITIONS” series.

She dyes every fabric that she uses or incorporates those of Heidi Stoll-Weber to achieve as many changes in value and shades of colour as possible.

All the quilts presented are entirely created by the artist who always keeps an eye out for aesthetics as well as sensitive issues that the world faces.

Michèle Samter has lived and worked near Zurich for many years.

Modern art and more specifically concrete and constructive art play an important part in her life. The opportunity of having lived and worked in New York, Mexico and Singapore for many years allowed her to discover other aspects of textiles.

Her fascination with textile creation and design has never ceased to grow. During her studies at Zurich’s fine arts school (currently the school of design), as well as with renowned artists, she has gathered precious knowledge over the years.

Throughout the year, she provides lessons on the following topics: the world of colours, developing your own style, the art of the Gee’s Bend quilters and textile interpretation in modern art. She is committed to getting textile art to the place it deserves in the art world.


For many years, Ramona Conconi and Michèle Samter have been interested in modern art and its various styles. They share the same interest for textile art, especially for contemporary quilts. Their creations are full of bright colours and unusual shapes. The interaction between these colours and shapes helps to break previous patchwork traditions and to reinterpret them.

Ramona and Michèle mainly work on multiple pieces, which allows them to have a full range for one subject that can be refined. Together, they have created many pieces under the name SPETTACOLORE, which they are happy to present this year.

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