Bára Bartošová

Bára Bartošová is an artist born in Prague, Czech Republic. She loves oil painting and acrylic painting.

Over time, she found herself in the technique of painting on silk and its subsequent quilting. Like a first step, she paints the main motif on the silk and then quilts it. It is now her most popular method.

She believes that quilting adds another dimension to the painted silk by herself. She likes to create colorful works of plants, animals and nature.

Creation is her relaxation and fills her life with positive energy. She is a trained economist with an engineering degree. Now, in her free time, she is studying at the School of Clinical Naturopathy. She lives with her daughter in Eagle Mountains in the Czech Republic where the inspirations come from.

Colorful collection

Bára usually starts with white canvas or pure silk, rarely working with commercial fabrics. She creates mostly intuitively, during the creative process the final “picture” of the quilt is gradually formed in her head before it takes its final form.

For painting, she uses various techniques, watercolor technique, dry silk painting, gutta reservation, wax bandage; always depending on what effects she wants to achieve. Then she carefully quilts the entire image. She uses a lot of different colored threads both on the front side and on the reverse side of the quilt. Because she uses hand-batiked and dyed cotton on the back of the quilts, interesting images are created on the reverse side as well.

You will find several dimensions on her quilts. At first you will be drawn to the main subject of the painting, but on closer inspection you will see many different details and elements in the background, as well as inside the main subject. They are incorporated into various parts so that they complement the whole with much-needed detail.

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