National African American Quilt Guild

The African American Sampler Quilt Group (AASQG) and the National African American Quilt Guild (NAAQG) is comprised of quilters from across the United States as far North as Rhode Island, South as Texas, West as California and East as Pennsylvania. The quilters skill levels range from beginners to professional. Quilters are self-taught, learned from family traditions and have learned in classroom settings. The organizations contain mothers, artists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, students and many other occupations. The internet has been a mechanism to bring all of the quilters together.

Terry Koger is a native of Trenton, New Jersey and a graduated of Morgan State University majoring in Music Education. As an alto saxophonist, jazz instructor and musician his musical journey has led him to publish several works in the Black Music Research Journal. He has recently completed a jazz CD project. The collaboration of AASQG, NAAQG and Terry has allowed them to explore jazz music through the art of quilts and wearables.

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Jazz it up

Commented tour daily at 11 A.M. in English

In August 2021, the African American Sampler Quilt Group (AASQG), the National African American Quilt Guild (NAAQG) and Terry Koger joined in a unique collaboration to highlight the contributions and accomplishments of African Americans in the world of Jazz music. The Virtual Jazz It Up Quilt Show contained jazz music themed Quilts, Wearables and Dolls. Quilters from across the United States participated in the Virtual Quilt Show. Quilting methods used in the quilts were, but not limited to, machine and hand piecing, applique, beading, machine & hand quilting.

Throughout the challenge Terry Koger, a professional jazz saxophonist served as the “Jazz Griot” providing music education and inspiration for the participants. The challenge resulted in the creation of a collection of 37 art quilts and wearables which were created to honor many aspects of jazz music and musicians including Billie Holiday, Wes Montgomery, Max Roach, Herbie Hancock and other great talents.

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