Seika Lee Klein

Seika was born with Korean heritage in Japan, moved to the United States with her German husband, and now lives in Switzerland with her family and works as a bojagi textile artist. She is a human resource planner and a mum of a little girl, too. Fascinated by jogakbo, traditional bojagi patchwork, she first started making bojagi. Now, while adapting to western culture, she makes various lyrical bojagi patchworks and textile artwork.

To make her artwork, she often stitches together small pieces of leftover fabric. Through this, her artwork reflects the idea of cherishing and being grateful even for the small things in life.

All of her work is hand sewn. Making bojagi brings a lot of happiness to her everyday life. She feels that each of her bojagi represents a moment in her life and a piece of her heart.

She takes part in exhibitions, gives classes, and provides books, original kits, and Korean fabrics during her events. This will be her first exhibition in France.

Commented exhibition tour: everyday at 2 PM (EN)

Bojagi and Western Lights

Commented tour daily at 2 P.M. in English

Seika created unique lyrical bojagi patchworks and framed textile artwork, while adapting to western culture after leaving Japan.

She drew her inspiration both from the nature and the light surrounding her in Europe and from the nostalgia for her culture. She made these works from Korean ramie and silk materials using traditional bojagi sewing techniques with either one or two layers. Her works allowed her to freely express her own world with unique designs and rich colours that highlight the characteristics of the fabrics, her hand sewing, and her own sense of colour.

She created all works without planning ahead, instead following her intuition and feelings during the sewing process.

All her work is hand-sewn. To create her works, she often sews together scraps of fabric. Through this, her works represent the idea of cherishing and being grateful for the little things in life.
Seika Lee Klein
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