The 2024 International Contest

The EPM International Contest is an outstanding showcase for quilters from around the world.

A theme emerges from the minds of the European Patchwork Meeting’s organizing team in the fall every year It kicks off the new edition of the contest, open to patchwork lovers from all over the globe. All the participants spend the next several months imagining and crafting their entries before registration begins in the spring.

Then, three judges examine all the entries based on photos and select the 30 quilts that best represent this year’s theme and whose execution shows the finest quality.

These 30 finalists are unveiled in the International Contest’s annual exhibition and displayed for the first time during the European Patchwork Meeting each year in September.

An awards ceremony is held with great fanfare during the exhibition to reward the artists with all kinds of prizes: Best of Show, People’s Choice Award, Organizer’s Choice Award and various sponsors prizes.

After this launch, the 30 entries embark on a long journey of 10 months taking them to the finest art galleries, museums and quilting fairs around the world: a wonderful opportunity for the artists to showcase their work abroad!

Deadline for entries

May 15th 2024

Registration fee per file


Quilt size

80 x 120 cm (width x height)


Ocean, a theme filled with light and secrets that takes us to the depths of a yet little-explored underworld!

Our oxygen intake, as well as the climate and the ambient temperatures around the globe depend on this vast body of water. The ocean is also a sanctuary to animal diversity and to a wide range of surprising plants: a wonderful haven for species of all kinds and sizes. So little is known of this element essential to life, and yet our seas are already severely threatened.

Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Austral or Indian—the ocean covers 70% of our planet, but is only a part of everyday life for a lucky few. This theme invites you to exactly this: depict your own vision of the ocean if you don’t live near it, tell us about the wide sea you may dream of crossing, share with us the beach spot you love, the bird, the ship, the sunset that fuels your creativity.

Warm tones for the southern seas or colder shades for the arctic icebergs: the color palette chosen by each contestant might reveal where they’re from, or at least where their aesthetic sense lies.

Beyond the word “ocean”, we’re, of course, particularly interested in the idea of water. Beyond the word “ocean”, we’re, of course, particularly interested in the idea of water.

Dive deep in your imagination for this ambitious patchwork project!

Participation in the Contest is only possible once the work has been completed

Awards ceremony on Friday 15th September at 2:30 PM at the Pavillon Osmont

Each year, 3 prizes are awarded by the European Patchwork Meeting:

  • 1st prize: 2000 €, designated by the jury
  • 2nd prize: 700 €, designated as People’s Choice Award*
  • Come vote for your favourite work in the urn located in the Pavillon Osmont!
  • 3rd prize: 300 €, designated by vote of the organizing team

Numerous other prizes are awarded by the contest sponsors, with a total value over 7.000 €.

The 30 selected participants will be invited to attend the awards ceremony with an invitation to the event valid for that day.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced only after the final vote count, the week following the event.

Remise des prix le vendredi 15 septembre à 14h30 au Pavillon Osmont

Chaque année, 3 prix sont décernés par le Carrefour Européen du Patchwork, à savoir :

  • 1er prix : 2000 €, désigné par le jury
  • 2ème prix : 700 €, désigné par vote du public*
  • Venez voter pour votre œuvre préférée dans l’urne située au Pavillon Osmont !
  • Le 3ème prix : 300 €, désigné par vote de l’équipe organisatrice

De nombreux autres prix sont désignés par les sponsors du concours, pour une valeur totale supérieure à 7 000 €.

Les 30 participants sélectionnés seront invités à assister à cette remise des prix grâce à une invitation à l’événement valable pour ce jour.

L’annonce du gagnant du Prix du Public n’aura lieu qu’après le comptage final des votes, la semaine suivant l’événement.