Louise-Marie Stipon has been a figurehead of the Quilts de Légende contest, organised by France Patchwork and Dominique Husson, for over 20 years. She creates extraordinary authentic quilts which take us to the most prestigious museums in the United States. Louise-Marie’s sister, Marie-Paule, also caught the quilting bug, as did her niece Anne-Hélène who now helps her to create enriching pieces and Legendary Quilts in honour of 19th century quilters whose work is now brought to light with the respect it deserves.

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Family History

For the love of traditional quilts, this exhibition is like a family photo album that brings together 17 pieces created by Louise-Marie Stipon, a legendary figure in the quilting world as she has taken part in every Legendary Quilts exhibition. Her sister Marie-Paule Nedelec is sadly no longer with us, but was also a renowned quilter, as well as Anne-Hélène Nedelec, their niece, to whom both aunts passed down their knowledge. Majestic quilts often replicated using old ones, will be exhibited for all to see and to share the love of traditional quilts!

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