Lauren Austin

Lauren Austin is an African-American quilter with 30+ years of experience making art quilts. She uses woodcut and lithographic print making, fabric dying and painting to make fabric portraits of African-American work and life. Lauren uses colour, 3D sewn sculptural effects, beading and thread painting/sketching to enliven her quilts. Lauren’s work is in private and […]

Aliyah Bonnette

Aliyah Bonnette is a multidisciplinary artist working out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Working using a variety of materials, she creates painted quilts as her medium. Using bold and often abstract shapes in her background, she juxtaposes her realistic figures as a way to play with the natural comfortability of the quilts and the often-unspoken discomfort […]

National African American Quilt Guild

The African American Sampler Quilt Group (AASQG) and the National African American Quilt Guild (NAAQG) is comprised of quilters from across the United States as far North as Rhode Island, South as Texas, West as California and East as Pennsylvania. The quilters skill levels range from beginners to professional. Quilters are self-taught, learned from family […]

Marijke van Welzen

Textile is Marijke van Welzen’s passion, it lends itself to infinite possibilities of expression with the tactile aspect, the flexibility, the unlimited colour range and the visual texture. Marijke van Welzen creates wearable art using techniques she developed over the years. Not afraid of experimentation or a challenge, Marijke produces unique art garments that explore […]


SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt, “a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references that form of stitch layered structure”. SAQA is dedicated to bringing beautiful, thought-provoking, cutting-edge, artwork to venues across the globe. With access to a museum-quality […]

Hilde Hoogwaerts

Hilde Hoogwaerts started quilting in 1989 when living in Atlanta, USA. She lived there for 3 years and then moved through 8 countries, across the world before, ultimately, returning home in the Netherlands in 2018. Her last overseas posting was in Ghana where she challenged herself to only use the local African textiles in her […]

Debra Milkovich

Debra Milkovich is an art quilter, mother to four girls, military spouse, and collector of weird vintage treasures. Early in life, she dreamed of becoming an artist but ultimately chose a steadier path by earning a doctorate in pharmacy. Debra made her first quilt in 2017, with the encouragement of her friend Emi. For her […]

Annie Bugnon

Annie Bugnon studied fine arts and ceramics in Besançon and currently lives in Béarn. She taught art for many years. In 2005, she edited La poétique de l’art de l’enfant in which she expands on these years of experience. During the 90s, her work focused on the symbolism of the history of art. She exhibits […]

Dieter Filler

After studying art and handicraft education, Dieter Filler could only fulfil his artistic ambitions in his free time, mainly with clay creations or with bookbinding work. It was upon moving to Switzerland in 1993 that he first discovered patchwork. Thanks to various courses, he learnt traditional techniques that he quickly developed into new materials and […]

Heidi Drahota

Heidi Drahota studied to be a teacher at secondary school level I with a focus on art, history, mathematics and biology. After 27 years of teaching, she has been working exclusively as a freelance artist for 10 years. She was engaged in photography, ceramics and watercolor painting. From 2002 her artistic focus totally changed on […]

YongMei Liu

Born in China, YongMei Liu has always known that textiles were her source of inspiration and her creative material of choice. After studying fine arts in Beijing, she became the photographic director for the Chinese Psychology magazine. Since moving to France in 2008, her artistic progression has been impressive. She has gone from being an […]

Seika Lee Klein

Seika Lee Klein

Seika was born with Korean heritage in Japan, moved to the United States with her German husband, and now lives in Switzerland with her family and works as a bojagi textile artist. She is a human resource planner and a mum of a little girl, too. Fascinated by jogakbo, traditional bojagi patchwork, she first started […]