Jane Lury

“Labors of Love” is the name of Jane Lury’s antique quilt business. Selling antique quilts, according to her partner, David, “is a weekend hobby that has gotten totally out of hand.”

In the 1980s, while on a trip to Oregon, Jane saw a quilt for sale in an antique store and bought it. When she returned to New York, she visited a few of the stores that had quilts in the city. Then, while driving across the country the next year, she found and bought more. She amassed such a quantity that she decided she needed to reduce her collection.

Now she and David attend about nine major quilt festivals and textile events annually, including shows in Tokyo and France.

The quilts presented are of French, English and American origin.

Labors of Love

Jane Lury, collector and specialist of antique quilts from the four corners of America will offer a selection of her latest finds: timeless and original pieces that will cross the Atlantic to meet you.

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