Des P’tits Bouts de Fils

Des P’tits Bouts de Fils is an association created in August 2022.Following the reorganisation of the association ALC Méru which quilters were associated with for 13 years, the activity needed to be recreated elsewhere.

The world of renowned textile artists inspired and enriched all the creative hands at Des P’tits Bouts de Fils. The passion for patchwork and the newfound friendships are present in all of these pieces in which quilters, accompanied and supervised by Corinne Dupont, let their feelings run free in this world of great artists.

This work represents the social and fraternal link that encounters have had for many years. The leader, Corinne Dupont, and her students are happy to present this exhibition to you for the first time at the European Patchwork Meeting.

Following in the Footsteps of the Greats

The exhibited quilts are mainly reproductions of other works or inspired by renowned artists (Yoko Saïto, Reïko Kato, Di Ford, Cecile Franconie, Marti Mitchell, Irène Blanck, Edyta Sitar, Willyne Hammerstein, La Fée Pirouette, Quilt My Design) created during different encounters by 17 of the 43 quilters from Des P’tits Bouts de Fils.

All of these works are made and quilted by hand for the majority of them, only 2 being machine quilted.

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