Inmaculada Gabaldón

Inmaculada Gabaldón Aguado is a retired quilter from Madrid who began in the world of patchwork in 2010 with her teacher and friend Juana Castañeda and although she enjoys making traditional quilts by hand or machine, she has found her true passion in the pictorial style.

She owes this to her fondness for painting, which she has practised since childhood and as she says: “Now I paint with fabrics.” Her favourite subjects are mainly portraiture, animals (derived from her profession as a veterinarian) and landscapes, especially those of Venice.

Thanks to these works, she has received various awards both in Spain and abroad, citing among others the first prize at Le Croisic 2019 (France), the special prize from the NACQJ (USA) 2020 and the most recent Best in Show at the Festival of Quilts 2022 in Birmingham (UK).

My world, my people, my loves

Inmaculada Gabaldón builds her quilts as if they were a painting, based mainly on photos taken by herself, or even setting up natural environments as still lives. On said photo she draws a pattern on which her work will be based, although she modifies the design as she works until she achieves the desired effect. Once the motif to work on has been chosen, she goes on to select the fabrics, which are sometimes commercial, but most of the time they are hand-dyed by herself, capturing exactly the tones she wants to use.

When every piece of fabric is in place, she uses batting and backing, to assemble the quilt in the traditional way, she proceeds to free quilt with a domestic machine, trying to add texture and nuance to what has already been achieved with the fabrics.

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