Les Jeunes Poussent Contest: draw me a…

France Patchwork’s mission is to promote patchwork and textile art in all its forms. With representation throughout France, it is a link between those who are passionate about thread. France Patchwork through its different branches (Artextures, Quilt de Légende, Les Jeunes Poussent, le Modern Quilt…) will leave no one unaffected by this art in its own right that is patchwork!

France Patchwork offers a quarterly magazine, sharing all the news of the textile world in France and abroad. Rich in models, reports and news, it will appeal to all patchwork lovers, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

Les Jeunes Poussent Contest: draw me a…

Imagine… “You are a child and land on a planet barely bigger than yourself, on which there are baobabs and a very precious flower, a rose, which is acting up and for which you feel responsible.

You love sunsets, which you have seen forty-four times in a single day! You have also visited other planets and met very important people who did not know how to answer your questions. On Earth, you tamed a fox, who became your friend.

And above all, you met the aviator, stranded in the Sahara Desert.”
France Patchwork - Les Jeunes Poussent
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