Quilt National

Presented by The Dairy Barn Arts Center, Quilt National offers some of the best contemporary fine art quilts worldwide.

For over 40 years, this show has consistently displayed new forms of experimentation and development in fabric art, extending the definition of the ‘quilt’.

Quilt National is the exhibition that helped to legitimize quilts as fine art. Today quilters choose traditional and non-traditional materials and use forms other than the standard rectangular shape. They still respect time-honored quilt methods of piecing and patchwork while challenging the boundaries by creating based on artistic intent. In every Quilt National exhibition, it is exciting to see how the artists reflect what is important in their world and beyond.

Quilt National ’23

Founded in 1979, Quilt National was intended to demonstrate the transformations taking place in the world of quilting. Its purpose was then, and still is, to carry the definition of quilting far beyond its traditional parameters and to promote quiltmaking as what it always has been, an art form. Celebrating the forty-third anniversary of the premier contemporary quilt biennial exhibition, The Dairy Barn Art Center presents Quilt National ’23.

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