Debra Milkovich

Debra Milkovich is an art quilter, mother to four girls, military spouse, and collector of weird vintage treasures. Early in life, she dreamed of becoming an artist but ultimately chose a steadier path by earning a doctorate in pharmacy. Debra made her first quilt in 2017, with the encouragement of her friend Emi. For her […]

Des P’tits Bouts de Fils

Des P’tits Bouts de Fils is an association created in August 2022.Following the reorganisation of the association ALC Méru which quilters were associated with for 13 years, the activity needed to be recreated elsewhere. The world of renowned textile artists inspired and enriched all the creative hands at Des P’tits Bouts de Fils. The passion […]

Amiche di Patch

Amiche di patch is a group of quilters from different parts of Italy and Canton Ticino (CH), who started working together in 2012 by making “il Gioco dell’Oca”. Formerly named OCAPATCH, it was composed of Quilt Italia members and had the purpose of creating quilts to be given to charity or to associations helping children […]

Pascale Goldenberg

Pascale Goldenberg shares her life as an independent artist by managing the transcultural hand embroidery programme, Guldusi, which she launched in Afghanistan in 2004. On the one hand, she believed that being responsible for 200 embroiderers was a priority, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to give up her work as an artist. […]

Val Patch

Val Patch is an association from the Silver Valley (Val d’Argent in Franch) region (Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines, Lièpvre and Rombach-le-Franc), which is composed of over 20 friends. Its members are patchwork enthusiasts and some of them have been patchworking for over 30 years. They all have different scholarly backgrounds and different experiences in the textile industry, […]