Lauren is an African American art quilter. She uses photos, dyed, printed fabrics to create portraits of black life. She uses a variety of methods to add pattern to her work including raku fired ceramic masks, retro photochemical processes and lithography to create intricate surfaces.

Lauren made her first quilt at the age of 7 and has been making them ever since. She worked as a foreign service officer for the U.S. State Department and then as a human rights lawyer. While working in the Foreign Service and in law, she made art on nights and weekends. In 2004, she took the leap to create art full time.

Her art expresses her feelings about her family and her experiences. The "Birds are my People" series explores her relationship with nature: images of leaves, fish and birds surround figures and faces.

Making art helps Lauren understand her feelings while creating something beautiful. Art contains the stars of the artist and the viewer. For her, the process of creation, exhibition and audience participation adds value and meaning to her world.