The pojagi: discovery and more!

Workshop topic: Contemporary hand sewing
Languages: French flag English flag Spanish flag
Nb of students: 10

I propose you to realize a small pojagi through a series of exercises which will allow you to discover the various techniques of assembly, overcast, front stitch… and to familiarize you with the straight line, curve and the work in angle. You will discover the play of color and transparency of this ancient yet contemporary art.

List of supplies
  • sewing needles
  • neutral sewing thread
  • thimble
  • pins
  • fabric scissors
  • paper scissors
  • quilter's ruler
  • rotary cutter
  • cutting mat
Required supplies
  • small ruler: omnigrid type with 5 mm indication
  • erasable pencil: frixion ball type
Fabrics to bring + lengh
  • white and color organza
+ Content

Maryse Allard offers a set at the price of 10 euros, which consists of a white organza sheet (50cmx50cm) plus three small colored pieces of dyed organza. This way all students have the same fabric to start with and are not hindered by fabrics that are sometimes difficult to work with.

The teacher

Maryse Allard discovered Pojagi about 10 years ago and was fascinated by the transparency and modernity of this ancestral Korean art. Since then, she has never stopped experimenting with her passion! Maryse had the chance to exhibit her work in Korea and in many countries around the world. She remains a European with her sensitivity and interest in Art Deco and is happy to be a bridge between two cultures, Korea and France. Maryse Allard also has the pleasure of sharing her passion through numerous workshops all over the world, either in person or visually, and each time it is a magical moment around this transparency and lightness.