Quilt Graffiti

Workshop topic: Contemporary hand sewing
Languages: French flag English flag Italian flag Spanish flag Portuguese flag
Nb of students: 15

In this class, several topics will be covered: how to create an improvised colored background for the application of a monochromatic image. Marina will demonstrate how to use, in a few steps, an image editing program to turn a photo into a stencil. Let’s cut it out and apply it to the custom background. A lesson with a lot of content but easy to follow! You will learn to work on your own images in the future.

List of supplies
  • fabric scissors
  • paper scissors
  • paper pencil
  • small garbage bag
  • cutting mat
Required supplies
  • Frixion black pen
  • Sharpie Ultra Fine permanent pen, black, red, blue, green or more colors
  • Small scissors with a good cut
  • Teflon sheet
Fabrics to bring + lengh
  • None
+ Content

Attention: mandatory 20€.
Fabric for background, black fabric for image cutting, Misty Fuse, step by step workbooks for image manipulation, patterns.

The teacher

Marina Landi has a degree in engineering and fine arts. She has worked for many years with engineers and architects, creating decorative mosaics for large surfaces. In 2000, she discovered patchwork and fell in love with this art form which has much in common with mosaics. Marina applied her knowledge, experience and previous techniques to create artistic quilts. She has dedicated herself exclusively to this art for 15 years and teaches her technique. Marina enjoys depicting images, especially people's faces, as capturing expressions and feelings on small pieces of fabric is always a great challenge for her.