Let’s play with the sun for dyeing creations all in Blue: the blue of Paris or cyanotic.

Workshop topic: Contemporary hand sewing
Languages: French flag English flag Spanish flag
Nb of students: 12

Prussian blue is one of the first synthetic dyes formulated from iron salts. It is well known for its use in photographic cyanotype printing. But did you know that it was used in dyeing?
During this day we will discover the power of the sun in dyeing and we will practice this marvelous alchemy to dye squares of cotton fabrics.

List of supplies
  • sewing needles
  • thimble
  • fabric scissors
  • paper scissors
  • eraser
  • paper pencil
  • white paper
  • drawing book
  • ballpoint pen
Required supplies
  • an apron
  • a pair of disposable gloves
  • a FP2 mask
  • a thermo-erasable pen
  • a 15 cm ruler
  • a compass (if you have one)
  • an A4 sheet of cardboard (the back of a drawing pad for example)
  • 2 sheets of drawing paper
  • a spool of colored polyester sewing thread
  • some rubber bands
Fabrics to bring + lengh
  • 8 squares of 25x25cm, 100% undyed natural cotton or 100% white linen. Machine washed at 90 degrees and ironed (may be pieces of old fabric like sheets etc.)
+ Content

The teacher

Nathalie Leturcq was born in Tournai, Belgium. She has been a master dyer in the Canary Islands for the past ten years and is also a member of the Association des Métiers d'Art in Spain.

Her passion for color and natural pigments is expressed mainly on cotton, linen, silk and wool. Her knowledge is based on the recipes developed in France in the 18th century and her years of experience as a professional dyer.