Kawandi (Siddi Quilts)

Workshop topic: Contemporary hand sewing
Languages: French flag English flag Spanish flag
Nb of students: 15

You too, you dream of going to India? Let’s travel through fabrics!
In India, Kawandi means quilt. It is a technique developed by the Siddis (African community brought to India more than 800 years ago).

It is made with recycled materials, entirely by hand. The process is engaging, creative, relaxed and sustainable. And I’ll show you those details that make them so distinctive.

List of supplies
  • quilting thread
  • thimble
  • fabric scissors
Required supplies
  • None
Fabrics to bring + lengh
  • A tissue of 35 x 45 cm
  • A small bag made from recycled fabrics.
  • Cotton, silk, etc.
+ Content

A tissue of 35 x 45 cm, a needle, a thread and a thimble.
A petit sac with recycled tissues. Cotton, soie, etc = 15€

The teacher

The dyeing of fabrics is an initial and fundamental part of Cecilia Koppmann's creative process. It is the moment to unfold scales, ranges, shades.
Then she cuts, discards, arranges, gathers, opposes, separates, sews in an improvised and almost frantic way. She looks for the exact tone, so that the scraps are like the brushstrokes of a canvas.
From there the process slows down: she arranges, relocates, rotates, turns the pieces until she finds the result.
The themes of her works are related to moments in her life: interests and emerging situations. Many were inspired by mathematical or geometric logics: successions, movement, gradings, geometric modules and repetitions.
Others are related to the healing dimension of the work she does: diseases and pandemics set in motion powerful and inspiring processes for her and for others. It is a great joy to gather and share different paths and approaches to textile work.