Face in collage

Workshop topic: Contemporary hand sewing
Languages: French flag Italian flag
Nb of students: 10

Angela will propose a face model chosen between two to be realized with the fabric collage technique. This is a very simple, fun and fast technique, which allows to transform a photo into a realistic quilt, to paint with fabric. The design of the model will be copied on the fabric that everyone will bring, and the image will be reconstituted with the pieces of fabric. A good knowledge of color theory and especially of the notion of value is required, because the three-dimensionality of the image is determined by the difference in value.

List of supplies
  • pins
  • fabric scissors
  • glue stick
  • eraser
  • paper pencil
  • ballpoint pen
  • invisible/monofilament thread
Required supplies
  • Small applique pins
  • fabric glue
  • lighted drawing board
  • patchwork kit
Fabrics to bring + lengh
  • It is necessary to bring a large assortment of fabric pieces of different colors, patterns and values (light, medium and dark).
  • I recommend especially batik fabrics
  • Also small pieces of organza, chiffon, lurex, tulle, fishnet, lace.
  • A square of white cotton fabric 40x40 cm and a square of fine fleece of the same size
+ Content

Kit of assorted batik fabrics : 10 euros each

The teacher

Angela Minaudo was born in Erice, in western Sicily. She fell in love with quilting through a book by a great Italian pioneer, Gianna Valli Berti, but it was only after a few years, when she arrived in the Aosta Valley, that she learned the basics of quilting. Angela likes to represent reality, the one that revolves around the world of her family (her son has inspired her many times), of her values, of her land.
She also tries to experiment and try different techniques depending on what she wants to represent. One of her techniques, which she has often used, is fabric collage: it is a very flexible, fun and quick technique that also gives a lot of satisfaction.