Creation of traditional or contemporary woven braids on belt loom

Workshop topic: Traditional hand sewing
Languages: French flag
Nb of students: 12

During this workshop you will discover the magic of belt weaving, heritage of the inhabitants of the Andes. With pieces of wood, thread and your body you will weave braids according to your taste, which can be used alone or integrated into your creations.
You will work on a loom already assembled, allowing you to discover 3 weaving techniques and then you will learn to assemble your warp.
You will leave with 2 bamboo looms, which you will finish weaving at home, ready to create your own braids!

List of supplies
  • fabric scissors
  • paper pencil
  • colored pencils
  • white paper
  • ballpoint pen
Required supplies
  • 2 clamps Length 20cm
  • a roll of marking tape for painter
Fabrics to bring + lengh
  • None
+ Content

The kit is compulsory, it includes all the material necessary for the trainees to weave all day: The kit includes a bamboo loom already assembled for the morning discovery and all the necessary parts as well as the threads for the assembly of the second loom in the afternoon. The accompanying document and its memory cards will allow to continue the weaving back home. PRICE = 50€

The teacher

Passionate about textile work from a young age, Yvette Campos-Kratzeisen expresses her sensitivity through her creations in digital embroidery, a contemporary tool that she explores with passion. Her works have been presented in numerous national and international exhibitions.
Her path crosses that of the weavers of the Cordillera of the Andes, which immerses her in the teeming world of weaving, her first passion. She devotes herself entirely to it, exploring the countless possibilities of expression offered by these ancestral techniques which, using very simple technical means, create very complex works. A clash of civilizations that she loves.