The International Quilt Museum, University of Nebraska

The International Quilt Museum (IQM) is home to the world’s largest publicly held quilt collection. With objects from more than 65 countries and dating from the 1600s to today, the IQM aims to collect and exhibit works that represent quilts and quiltmaking traditions from around the world and throughout history. The International Quilt Study Center […]

Lauren Austin

Lauren Austin is an African-American quilter with 30+ years of experience making art quilts. She uses woodcut and lithographic print making, fabric dying and painting to make fabric portraits of African-American work and life. Lauren uses colour, 3D sewn sculptural effects, beading and thread painting/sketching to enliven her quilts. Lauren’s work is in private and […]

Beverly Smith

Beverly Smith is a mixed media fibre artist who chooses to express herself through quilts. She was introduced to quilting by her grandmother and uses this connection in her art practice to explore a new narrative of equal rights and opportunities for all genders. Her combinations of media act as encoded sigils through which she […]

Aliyah Bonnette

Aliyah Bonnette is a multidisciplinary artist working out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Working using a variety of materials, she creates painted quilts as her medium. Using bold and often abstract shapes in her background, she juxtaposes her realistic figures as a way to play with the natural comfortability of the quilts and the often-unspoken discomfort […]

National African American Quilt Guild

The African American Sampler Quilt Group (AASQG) and the National African American Quilt Guild (NAAQG) is comprised of quilters from across the United States as far North as Rhode Island, South as Texas, West as California and East as Pennsylvania. The quilters skill levels range from beginners to professional. Quilters are self-taught, learned from family […]

Quilt National

Presented by The Dairy Barn Arts Center, Quilt National offers some of the best contemporary fine art quilts worldwide. For over 40 years, this show has consistently displayed new forms of experimentation and development in fabric art, extending the definition of the ‘quilt’. Quilt National is the exhibition that helped to legitimize quilts as fine […]

Debra Milkovich

Debra Milkovich is an art quilter, mother to four girls, military spouse, and collector of weird vintage treasures. Early in life, she dreamed of becoming an artist but ultimately chose a steadier path by earning a doctorate in pharmacy. Debra made her first quilt in 2017, with the encouragement of her friend Emi. For her […]

Jane Lury

“Labors of Love” is the name of Jane Lury’s antique quilt business. Selling antique quilts, according to her partner, David, “is a weekend hobby that has gotten totally out of hand.” In the 1980s, while on a trip to Oregon, Jane saw a quilt for sale in an antique store and bought it. When she […]