Ramona Conconi & Michèle Samter

Ramona Conconi is an artist of Swiss and Italian origin. She creates contemporary quilts with a graphic design. Following the series “SIGNES”, Ramona currently likes playing with shapes that she reproduces using colour to transpose them into her “RÉPÉTITIONS” series. She dyes every fabric that she uses or incorporates those of Heidi Stoll-Weber to achieve […]

Jacques Légeret & Hans Zogg

Swiss journalist Jacques Légeret was “adopted” by an Old Order Amish family in 1986, with his wife and son. He lived with Amish families in Pennsylvania and Indiana for about 26 months over several trips. He thus had access to “hope chests“, wooden chests in which Amish women store their wedding quilts. His collection is […]

Dieter Filler

After studying art and handicraft education, Dieter Filler could only fulfil his artistic ambitions in his free time, mainly with clay creations or with bookbinding work. It was upon moving to Switzerland in 1993 that he first discovered patchwork. Thanks to various courses, he learnt traditional techniques that he quickly developed into new materials and […]

Amiche di Patch

Amiche di patch is a group of quilters from different parts of Italy and Canton Ticino (CH), who started working together in 2012 by making “il Gioco dell’Oca”. Formerly named OCAPATCH, it was composed of Quilt Italia members and had the purpose of creating quilts to be given to charity or to associations helping children […]